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South African Energy Metallurgical Special Economic Zone Planning Program Technical Seminar

In order to further advance the project implementation, the SAEMSEZ Planning Program Technical Seminar was held in Qingdao on January 17, 2019, hosted by South African Energy Metallurgical Base (PTY) Ltd. and organized by MCC BERIS Engineering & Research Corporation. Participants include:

1.       South African Energy Metallurgical Base (Pty) Ltd.,

2.       MCC BERIS Engineering & Research Corporation,

3.       Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., MCC International Incorporation Ltd.,

4.        Shaanxi CEI Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.,

5.       Guangdong Wealth Investment Corporation,

6.       Shanxi Sente Clean Coal & Coking Design Institute Co., Ltd.,

7.       CNMC Shenyang Nonferrous Metallurgy Engineering & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

8.       MCC International Incorporation Ltd.,

9.       MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited

MCC BERIS gave a detailed introduction for the EMSEZ planning scheme of overall master plan and pilot projects, including: high carbon ferrochrome electric arc furnace technical scheme, blast furnace ferromanganese technical scheme, high vanadium steel and high manganese steel technical scheme, stainless steel technical plan and SEZ public facilities technical plan, etc. Shanxi Sente Clean Coal & Coking Design Institute Co., Ltd. and MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd introduced the technical scheme of SEZ coking project and its waste heat power generation in details.

The leaders and experts at the meeting had a lively discussion on the plans of the EMSEZ and they considered that the preliminary plan submitted by MCC BERIS is reasonable and feasible, and the basic requirements of hot charging and hot delivery in each process are fully taken into account, the plan could be used as the basis for project implementation for next step.

MCC BERIS will soon organize a technical team to visit EMSEZ project site to conduct research and inspections to collect design materials.