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South African Energy and Metallurgy Special Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Special Zone") is a state-level energy and metallurgical special economic zone approved under the legislation of the South African National Assembly and approved by the South African government. It enjoys the preferential tax treatment of the South African special economic zones and the foreign aid encouraged by South Africa All preferential treatment of investment policies. The South African government awarded the SAR operating license to South Africa Energy Metallurgical Base Co., Ltd. to develop, operate and manage the energy, metallurgy and special economic zones. The Special Administrative Region is located in the Muina na Phulin area of Limpopo, Limpopo Province, South Africa, bordered by bridges across the river between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Adjacent large open coking coal mining area. Within 200 km of the region, it has rich resources of stainless steel raw materials: iron ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, silicon ore, nickel ore, limestone and so on. Within the SAR, national railways, highways and electricity networks run 500 kilometers from the port of Maputo, Mozambique. The Limpopo River is 30 kilometers away from the project location and is an important source of water for the SEZ.
 SEZ will be built into 12 million tons / year coal washing plant, 3 million kilowatts thermal power plant, 3 million tons / year coking plant, 3 million tons / year steel mill, 3 million tons / year stainless steel mill, 1 million tons / year ferromanganese Factory, 3 million tons / year ferrochrome plant, 500,000 tons / year silicomanganese plant, 500 tons / year limestone plant. The SEZ will build an integrated service center (staff quarters, apartments, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc.) and an integrated logistics service center for highways, railways and shipping services with supporting government administrative service centers (such as business administration, customs and taxation functions). The HKSAR will establish a mine resource supply center to provide mine resources for stainless steel and metallurgical charge to the SAR project factories. Special Metallurgical Integration Advantage of Special Economic Zone Project: Coking Coal Mine → Coal Washery → Coking Plant → Power Plant → Ferroalloy Plant → Ironworks → Steel Mill One-stop energy and metallurgical production process, blast furnace hot metal and ferro-alloy hot-rolled steel, greatly reducing metallurgy Energy consumption, this energy metallurgical whole process integration process advantages, unique, unique. South Africa Energy and Metallurgical Special Economic Zone Management Committee to provide project investors all the preferential policies and secure, competitive resource supply and supporting service facilities.
 SEZ projects will be open to the world investment, the introduction of the best project strategic investors. We sincerely invite the industry friendly visit to South Africa's energy and metallurgical special economic zone to visit and negotiate, and look forward to working with friends, complement each other and seek common development, to create the world's most competitive energy and metallurgy SEZ.