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Community composition

Musina County belongs to the Vhembe region of four counties, namely, Musina, Macadam, Sememe and Mutare, with Mussina at the border with Makarsh in
the south and Mutare Threshold. Mussina is located in the northernmost part of Limpopo province, bordering Botswana and Zimbabwe. Musina covers an area of approximately 757,829 hectares and extends from the confluence of the Mogalakwena and Limpopo rivers in the west to the confluence of the Nwanedi and Limpopo rivers in the east to Spitsia Tshipise and Mopane to the north are the Botswana / Zimbabwe borders. County mainly by commercial farms, the nature of the city only 0.08% of the total area.



The county town is located in the northern part of Limpopo province (coordinates 23 ° 00'00 "S 29 ° 45'00" E) and is about 100 kilometers from Zimbabwe along the N1 road. The town covers an area of 831,058 hectares, strategically located between South Africa and the rest of Africa. The county is made up of four official towns, namely Louis Trihad, Flevo, Wattvar and Zanni, with more than 200 villages. The main administrative office is in the town of Louis Trihart and has two complementary regional administration offices in Sana'a and Wattall. Currently living in the town of about 416,728 people, based on the vast rural population, the city can be classified as rural.